4REAL is digital agency and artist collective that furthers web experimentation by creating artworks, building online communities, and interactive spaces

4Real creates unique digital experiences that forward interconnectedness and advance responsible relationships with technology


  • Design and Consultation
  • In house Development
  • Websites, Applications, Web Tools
  • Foundational Scaling Systems

4Real is founded by Slava Balasanov & Analisa Teachworth

Next Project

RELEVANT is a social news reader that values quality over clicks

Relevant is a cryptographic token backed platform that doesn't sell its users since we are artists rethinking global social issues on the internet with blockchain technology

On Relevant

  • Share and find information that is relevant
  • Rate the things you care about
  • Earn from engagement


Next Project

CLONE ZONE is an artwork in the form of an online platform that lets its users copy and re-share pages of the internet

Take any page from the internet and totally alter the all the information, then re-share your new cloned page on social media everyone will think it's real

Why’d we do it ?!

  • 2015 - we wanted to magnify prevalent spreading of misinformation and clickbait on social media
  • Pre-investigation of the fake news
  • Web tool for creation
  • Defacement of advertising and brands


Next Project