Relevant is a user-owned social network that replaces popularity-centric feeds in favor of reputation-based community forums.

Instead of sorting content by clicks and likes, relevant uses a unique trust metric that incentivizes users to rank information according to its value.

Every community built on Relevant is free to determine what constitutes trustworthy or valuable information.

The result is a network of high-quality, community-specific feeds that makes finding relevant information easy.

Join and help build the equitable future of the internet.

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4Real: A digital agency and artist collective working to further web experimentation by creating artworks, building interactive websites, and cultivating the digital communities.

As artists / technologists, we crafted unique digital experiences that furthered interconnectedness to advance responsible relationships with technology to forward our collective, private clients, and the digital commons.

4Real was founded by Analisa Teachworth & Slava Balasanov

Clinton Global Initiative

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Clone Zone is an online tool and artwork that investigated the propagation and sharing of clickbait online.

Envisioned to magnifying the prevalent spreading of misinformation and algorithmic distortion between 2014-15.

Clone Zone made it easy to copy a page from the internet, alter all text and pictures, then re-share the cloned page of the internet to social media channels.

Why make a clone zone?

  • A responsive tool for creation, editing, and visualization of the web.
  • Defacement of the internet, shifting power, entropy exploration.
  • A pre-investigation into the fake news frenzy.

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