birds, 2017

Birds is a video projected onto a ceiling corner of a room. In Birds the projection of the moving image is part of a practice of manipulating video content into sculptural form. The projection placement uses a room's geometry and unique angles to dissever the subject matter playing with arrangement possibilities and putting an emphasis on the videos depicted minimum architecture.

By highlighting the intersection, a stage is carved out of the seams and edges of the exhibition space, exposing unnoticed architectural nuance, and practical basal elements. The video depicts the artist in an ethereal interaction with three songbirds and a set of minimalist props in a bunker-like space. Songbirds share main features vocally in the way in which they produce their songs, most of the acoustical differences that they can achieve are due to the region in parameter space where they operate, their song echo throughout the installation.

Birds, 2014
Shorten clip and photographic documentation above
Video Projection
Duration of film: 13min
Material: projector & directional speakers

bobby and bailey, 2017

Bobby and Bailey is a video featuring artists, Bobby Andres and Bailey Styles filmed in a discussion on the language of identity staged in a disheveled bedroom installation of flowers and broken objects. The subjects are placed into a conversation and present an intimate portrait of two strangers spontaneously unpacking topics such as gender roles, sociality gaze, and physical attributes.

Bobby and Bailey, 2015
Duration of film: 23 min
Shorten clip and photographic documentation above
Photographs Gillian Steiner

dont ask dont tell

Don't ask Don't Tell is a video portraying two masked individuals weaving into each other's limbs in a forest at dusk. The two figures obscured appearance, and raw bodily choreography offers the vision of sneaking into the scene, a voyeuristic moment of mysterious isolation and unfolding graphic gestures of a feminine pair. Planted in the earthly ground, surrounded by darkness the concealed limbs entangled in the occult-Esque homage to exploring intimate fears. The film is accompanied by a poem and soundtrack that features vocals by Dan Bodan.

Don't ask Don't tell 2014
Duration of film 8.35min
Exhibition: Lonely Girl, Martos Gallery, New York, NY 2014
Shorten clip and photographic documentation shown above

max, 2017

Max is an installation consisting of video footage showing the artist's figure projected onto upright partially frosted pieces of glass wherein the layered video silhouette fold out onto the glass plates edges. The artist uses her figure to illustrate the body as a canvas combining her partially exposed skin with layers of patterns, and light, morphing into a repertoire of silent articulation between movement and mystical shape. Within this space, abstraction becomes a showcase of the beneficent energy created when light meets the human form. The videos midsections bust-shots are outlined by spoken prayers.

Max, 2013
Video installation
Duration of film:
Exhibition: Fjord Gallery, Philadelphia, PA USA, 2015
Shorten clip and photographic documentation
by Fjord gallery showed above


Send is a video installation placed on the floor wherein a looped video plays on a screen underneath a dry soil covered piece of glass. Alongside the glass panel - carbon fiber wires spell out the phrase “Send” in a merged script. The video shows the artist illustrating a sequence of words onto the same soil covered glass panel filmed outdoors, just to cover it up with soil again making her written text disappear. The video footage is partially obscured by the dirt as she creates a repertoire of textual gestures that accumulate into a poem. In silence, a finger painted text appears through soft wet dirt activating the ephemeral space by signing her invisible phrases.

Send, 2017
Video installation
Duration of film: 25min
Materials: Glass, Screen, Wire, Dirt
Exhibition: Evolutionary Urge (Virtual/Digital) at Navel, Los Angeles, CA 2017

culture shock

Cultural Shock is a performance in which a performer enacts an inner monologue via a cell phone reframing the human body into an interactive installation. A smartphone with transparent duct tape adhered to the performer's face exhibits an inversion of the device as both a communication tool and metaphor of the phone as an interface for psychological presentation.

On the phone, a video animation displaying the performers 3D-rendered face narrates prose creating a transformed digital identity representing the performers embodied persona. The videos dialogue articulates the physical actions and dominates over the performer. The digital identity further instructs the body into physical acts such as crawling, kneeling, peeling oranges out to the audiences for consumption instigating an intimate interaction with audience members.

Cultural Shock 2017
Duration: 13min (dimensions variable)
Exhibition: Changes Gallery, New York, NY 2017
Shorten clip and photographic documentation shown above
Photography Harry Hughes

conjure migration, 2017

Conjure Migration is a performance occurring on a cruise boat through Berlin's city center as part of the performative program of The Berlin Biennale 9.

Upon entering the ship, each audience member receives a detachable cotton polo shirt collar designed in collaboration with Telfar coming in four different colors.

By the act of wearing a colored collar, each participant is visually acknowledged as one persona while the entire audience collectively transforms into a group identity. Each of the collars refers to four fictive characters being revealed throughout the performance:

Black - Slave . Green - Developer . Orange - No one . Lavender - Freelancer

Five performers including the artist enact choreography on stage, accompanying and further examining the states of each character's role. The boundaries between performers and audience are blurred by the unity of the shared accessory. The four staged performers assist the artist in migrating her multifaceted character ( The conjuror ) from one color to another by unpeeling layers of different masks and shirts leaving all colors revealed.

A verbal score made up of transformed vocals created in collaboration with Aaron David Ross narrates the four characters journeys interpreting each identities color with distinctly different tones

Conjure Migration, 2016
Duration: 25 min (dimensions variable)
Berlin Biennale 9, Kunst-Werke Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin, Germany, 2016
Photography Maansi Jain, Kunst-Werke Institute for Contemporary Art

Soundtrack for each color story attached.
Video footage of all four characters is included into the performance.


unwrapped, 2017

Unwrapped is a performance where the artist is completely tied up in a multitude of white ribbons from head to toe and placed in front of an audience to be un-tie at their discretion. The artist restrained presentation crumbles entirely as the act of un-tieing ensues over the course of the time it takes for the audience to unwrap the figure. One by one, knot by knot, tie by tie, the element of confinement decreases within each active gesture.

Unwrapped, 2014
Duration: Variable
Miami Art Basel Art Fair, Miami Florida 2014
Photography Naomi Fisher

technological trust offer, 2017

Technological Trust Offer is a multimedia performance that integrates diverse elements such as video, sculpture, and physical action. The artist is presented on a stage conversing with a machine intelligence on the nature of its understanding of human emotions and death.

Simultaneously the artist builds sculptures out of floral bouquets, glass water bottles and cement spray paint. The sculptures visualize ephemerality by preserving natural floral material so the arrangements become forever protected and resistant to decay. The pieces created are handed out to the audience.

Video footage projected shows the body tapped up in a large sheet of plastic, resembling a suffocation experience while indicating a process of being under construction.

Technological Trust Offer, 2013
Exhibition: Blasting Voice, Suzanne Geiss Gallery, New York, NY 2013
Photography courtesy Susan Geiss gallery, and Todd Weinstein


battle against inertia, 2017

Photography courtesy Kerry McLaney, Legal Arts Miami

Photography Legal Arts Miami / Kerry McLaney

basic being, 2017

endless movement, 2017

secrets and lies, 2017

cogintive synergy, 2017

fish club soda, 2017

battery life on dis Images, 2017


Photography Richard Mosse, Jonas Wendelin