Analisa Teachworth Installation / Video Plunge

Video Installation: 90 seconds

Exhibition: The Big Screen
Cobo Art Marquee Series, Detroit Michigan
July - Sep 2018

Curators: Alivia Zivich & Maureen Devin
DRCFA Art Foundation

Plunge is a video installation that was a public commission adapted for the Cobo Center Big Screen, Marquee Series in Detroit, Michigan.

This public digital billboard, typically used for commercial advertisement, runs over a hectic central freeway in Detroit. The artwork, Plunge, was displayed as a commercial on the massive repurposed on the giant repurposed screen, 160 feet long by 30 feet high, exhibits footage of a watery landscape in a more rural part of Michigan scenery. The video presented on a loop is broken by the Roman numerals 1 through 3, illustrating the passing of time through stages and marking the moment we presently exist. At any scale, the piece signifies the impermanence of the surroundings and lends perspective to the conflicting relationship between man and nature.

The landscape site examines the environment as it was, leaving its viewers with a written text: A state of such things cannot always exist. Now, digital clouds collide against a real sky, juxtaposition of water against the concrete highway, and the simple act of a person swimming, in this case, the artist, embolden the busy freeway. This video highlights developing a more profound relationship with the capricious elements as memory, which will change in the fragile futures to come.