Analisa Teachworth Painting / Sculpture Configurations

Every Kind of Wind, Alexander Calder and the 21st Century

Group Exhibition: Nahmad Contemporary
New York City
November 3, 2022 - January 28, 2023

Kelly Taxter & The Alexander Calder Foundation


The purchase of a bouquet.
The hanging of its paper wrapping to a wall.

Configurations (paper works) — paper's carry their presence through ephemerality, an awareness of exchanges, and the subtle forces of materiality. Their processual nature builds a gestural dialogue as accumulative companions to one another, spanning time into an overarching collective body of belonging. It is impermanence, the hands that various folds remember, that offers a sense of attunement of presence in space and the energetic possibilities of material that carry each unique paper into a particularly fulsome resonance.

For the exhibition Every Kind of Wind, Teachworth's Configurations and sound installation, share a distinctive register with Alexander Calder, distinguishing sculpture through a tenor of energetic sensitivity communicated through nuance and air.

The artist has accumulated and collected a lifetime of Configurations, now in documentation form: photographs, developing an extensive archive for this body of work as an ongoing practice. The handled paper, a fragment of commerce, hangs in space as improvisation; its variation is many—the recurring sculptural gesture notes to anti-use, remembrance, and formulaic intervention.